Tuesday, April 22, 2014

"13.1 miles: It isn't half of anything."

Ahh the half marathon is only 5 days away!!
I'm slightly terrified but mostly excited. Only allowed two 30 minute runs this week and lots of rest. I did 35 minutes yesterday (oopsie ^_^) but I don't think an extra 5 minutes is going to break me on Sunday. It's going to get real when my dad arrives on Saturday. I'm going to spend some good time at the expo with him and really enjoy my first half marathon experience. Usually I go to races, do my run, and go home. This time I want to stay. I really think my dad will place in his age group (he did last year!) so I want him to get his prize! He's going to do the co-ed 5k while I'm out dying somewhere in the hills of Columbia.The half is women only, hence the iron girl title! Joe will be doing whatever Joe wants to do. I wonder if he's going to get up at 5 am and come out with us for the start. I hope so.
The big one shall be mine!!

The half starts at 7 am so I'll be there at 6 to warm up and shake out some nerves and warm up. My co-worker is running it too so I think we'll be at least running the first half together. She's much faster than me, but hasn't run all winter so we may end up doing the same pace. She has a lot of experience with triathlons and has more half marathons under her belt than I, so I'm hoping she reins me in from going out too fast and running out of steam in the second half of the race.

Yesterday was the Boston Marathon and was a great day for USA! First American man to win the marathon since 1983!! Congrats Meb! We don't have cable yet or rabbit ears so I tracked what I could with my limited mobile data. And in case you didn't already know, we moved this weekend! A bigger place with gorgeous windows and a very friendly running neighborhood. I love it. Pictures to come as soon as the house is all set up! Right now only the kitchen and master closets are 100%. Gotta have food and clothes, right?

Well, back to cleaning the apartment/condo and then work this evening. I love being around running gear all the time. And I get my check since direct deposit didn't kick in yet (argh). Yay money to spend on more running gear!

From one of my favorite running blogs!

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