Friday, May 16, 2014

How Running is Changing My Body Image

Running continues to change my life in many ways. I have a much improved cardiovascular system, my blood pressure is B-E-A-UTIFUL, and new muscles have formed all over my body.

Yet, my body is still FAR from perfect. I can list 100+ things about my body that I'd like to improve, but you know what?

I need this sign as a reminder.

For the first time since I was 4 years old, I'm starting to get some confidence back concerning my body and body image. I can remember traipsing around Sesame Place water park when I was four with my little, slightly round stomach protruding out. I happily splashed around and played with my parents (this was before my little sister came into the picture so I was spoiled!). The only thing I remember thinking about that was body related was how the seat on the fire truck was really hot when I was taking a picture in it.
If I ever have a daughter, I never want her to be as wrapped up with weight as I am/was.

And then I grew up. I became aware of my body compared to others in 2nd grade. I was told by the doctor that I was overweight and put on my very first "diet". No more whole milk, no more soda, no this, that and the other thing. And so began the saga of always labeling myself as "fat".

Currently I am overweight. I'm working to change this as I train for the marathon. I'm much more active than I've ever been, and I love it. Well, I don't love it all the time like when my muscles are tight and cause me a lot of pain, but you know what I mean!

Through running, I've become much more aware of my body. I know when I need water and/or nutrition. I know what aches and pains to push through, and which ones to stop before I do something regrettable. I'm amazed at what my body can do and what it is capable of.
Found this on Deviant Art. Very Awesome!

Now that I'm officially a "half-marathon-er," I have an extra spring in my step. I may not look like someone who runs a half marathon (and soon a full!), but I'm still a runner and I never give up. My confidence level is much higher than it has ever been, and I've noticed my increased willingness to wear tank tops and shorter shorts (I used to stick to shorts that landed at or a tiny bit above my knee).
River has no qualms about body image.
Here she is claiming my closet as her own and photo-bombing my picture.

Sure, people can think what they want. Other people may look and comment, but that says more about them than it does about me. I'd never wear anything that is indecent like those shorts that look like underwear. I draw the line at going that short. I wear things that fit and cover up my ample backside (that I am also proud of! My glutes are lookin' good!), and make sure any other private areas are covered and respectable.
Oh yeah, sweet glutes

For the first time in forever...[cue music from Frozen] I love my body. My body is SO MUCH MORE than what it appears to be. Many times we take for granted how amazing the human body is and only look at the appearance. The next time you feel down on yourself take a few seconds to think about what your body can do instead of how it looks. Chin up buttercup!
Look at those high arches on my feet! *rawr*

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