Thursday, May 1, 2014

Recovery Run and New Socks!

This morning after the monsoon-like weather we've been having the sun made an appearance! Yes! So you know what that means?


Since this was my first run since the half marathon, I decided to warm up with a mile walk. After walking I ran 2 miles for a grand total of 3. Not much but I'm still recovering from the half marathon. Next week starts marathon training, hurrah!

The best part of my run was trying out my new socks! (NOTE: I am not getting paid/free gear by Balega for this short review. Although that would be awesome!)
Yes, I even got this color. I love loud running gear!
I chose to try out Balega Hidden Comfort socks since they always feel so soft and wonderful. The socks fulfilled my expectations of soft and wonderful! Even though the run was short, they were very comfortable and stood up well to the puddles I splashed through. For running in the rain or through puddles, I still prefer my DryMax socks, but these are a great second choice. I'm definitely looking forward to seeing how these perform in the winter, but for now I'm happy to see the sun and enjoy the summer!

Next week proves to be an interesting start to 5 intense months of training. My schedule is 4 days of running, 1 day of strength training, 1 day of yoga, and 1 day of rest. I'm nervous because it is intense, but it'll be worth it when I cross the finish line and then take a long nap!

Here's to working toward another dream and making it a reality!

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